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(English version)

And Sumarang said:
This will be your end!
My poisoned weapon
Is coming and you should be ready
This weapon I am holding
You won't see and can't avoid.

And Lam-ang replied:
You will have your wish
My friend Sumarang,
I am here and ready.

Sumarang let go
Of the spear he was holding
And tried to strike
His friend Lam-ang.

But Lam-ang caught it
As he would leaves
Rolled by a young lady
Lined with lime. [25]
Then he held it between
His thumb and small fingers
And turned it nine times
Around his back and neck
And then he said:
Ay my friend Sumarang,
I give you back your spear
For I do not want debts
For it is warm from use
While my spear is cold
For want of use.

Ay my friend Sumarang
Here it comes and be ready
Because if you can't see it
Your body will be speared
And what a pity for those you'll leave!
Ay I am thus warning you.

He began to beckon
The sea wind
At the same time
Let loose his spear.
Through nine hills
Was he carried away
Blown by the spear
The man Sumarang.

And then said Lam-ang:
That is what happens
To characters that bad.
Ay my friend Sumarang,
Let us now part
I am leaving you at once
In this place of combat.

The he took
His white rooster
And started to walk
The brave man Lam-ang.

He walked on and on
And came upon the house
Of the woman Saridandan
Who told him,
Ay caca [26] Lam-ang,
Please drop by
Please quicken your step
And let us embrace
The woman Saridandan
Has so longed for you
That her eyes are aching
Looking out for you
By the front window.
The beetle chew has dried up
Here on the tray
That I prepared for you.
Caca brave Lam-ang,
Can I ask you
Wherever you came from?

Lam-ang in turn replied:
Ay my sister Saridandan,
If you ask me whether I come
From my father to whom I owe
My life and my mother Namongan
Ay woman Saridandan,
Please don't detain me
Because I am going without fail
To the town of Calanutian
To see perchance
Doña Ines Cannoyan.

Then said Saridandan:
Whatever for, caca
Can't you please me
And give what I desire?

Yet the man Lam-ang
Started to walk
Forcing himself to go
His purpose to achieve.

[25] Lined with lime = Used for betel chew.

[26] caca = An address indicating affection.

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magaán ang bibíg