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(English version)

When all were brought
It arranged them together
And nothing was missing
And when nothing was missing
Of the bones of Lam-ang
It thus declared:
Ay my apo Cannoyan
Please cover the bones
With your overskirt and
At once turn to them your back.

The rooster crowed
The hen flapped its wings
The bones moved.
Then the spotted dog
Took its turn
It barked twice
Then pawed
All the bones.
And as the rooster foretold
The bones of Lam-ang
Surely came back to life
And he arose!

And thus he declared
How I must have slept,
My wife Cannoyan,
Such a deep sleep
Since it is now seven days
That we have not been together
And I have missed you so.

And Cannoyan thus said:
You say it is sleep but no
For you were excreted by the fish
By the monster shark.
My premonitions about you
Came about and I cried for you,
My dear husband Lam-ang,
I was so overwhelmed!

My husband Lam-ang,
Come give me your hand
For the woman Cannoyan
The wife you left
Has missed you so.

They both swooned
And fell like a wooden dam
So much was their longing
One for the other.

And the man Lam-ang
Also had missed very much
His rooster
And his hairy dog
He kissed both of them
And when they had overcame
Their emotions
They all set forth
For the house
They had left.

And when they arrived
Lam-ang said:
We should reward
This old skilled man
Load him with money,
My wife Cannoyan.
We should love
The yellow-legged hen
Also the rooster
And the hairy dog
Because if not for them
I would be lost forever.

And it is but right
That we should love each other,
Beloved Cannoyan,
So that we will live happily
For this is our goal
In this vale of tears.

This is the end
Of the story of the life
Of the man Lam-ang
Husband of Doña Ines Cannoyan
And they lived thereafter in contentment.

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