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(English version)

And this is what she said
The woman Namongan:
My dear son Lam-ang,
Please do not go
For she might just pour on you
A potful of urine
Then you'll be sorry for yourself
So humiliated that you are.

This is what is said
By the white rooster
With yellow legs
And the hairy spotted dog:
Our Apo Namongan,
In our dreams yesterday
Doña Ines Cannoyan
Will surely be your in-law.

So Lam-ang said:
Mother, please bring
The oil that you made yesterday
Because I will put some
On my rooster
Because we'll dress up to go
To the town of Calanutian.
Ay mother Namongan,
Mother, please hand me
The chain of gold
Coiled nine times.

When indeed he had received
The gold in coils
He went and put a string
Around his white rooster's foot,
He also put a string
Around his hairy dog's neck
Where colored fur grew
And when he had put a string
On them, he set out to leave.

He took his rooster
His yellow-legged cock
And then Namongan said:
My dear son Lam-ang,
May God accompany you.
Be careful where you walk
In the byways where you go
So you will know for sure
The dangers that lurk.

And Lam-ang also said
To his mother Namongan:
Dear mother Namongan,
May God stay with you.

And soon Lam-ang left
To go to Calanutian
In the town
Of Doña Ines Cannoyan.
He walked on and on
And when he had gone halfway
He met the man Sumarang
Whose eyes were as big as plates
Whose nose wide like two feet.
This is what Sumarang said:
My brave friend Lam-ang,
Wherever you are going
Whether to a forest hunting
Or to a mount trapping,
O my friend Lam-ang?

Asked Lam-ang in turn:
Ay my friend Sumarang,
If I may ask
Where you come from
What land, what town
You've been travelling?

And Sumarang answered:
If that is what you ask
I came from the North
From the town of Calanutian
To try my luck
With Doña Ines Cannoyan.

Lam-ang thus said:
If that is where you came
I have the same intention,
My friend Sumarang.

And Sumarang thus replied:
Ay my friend Lam-ang,
You had better not continue
For who are you
That you will be loved
By Doña Ines Cannoyan?
Many are rich
Even Spanish gentlemen
Yet they were not even looked at
By Doña Ines Cannoyan.
So my friend Lam-ang,
You had better not go on.

Yet replied Lam-ang,
Ay my friend Sumarang,
Let us part
For I am trying my luck
In the town of Calanutian
Perhaps I will be loved
By Doña Ines Cannoyan.

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