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(English version)

And if the man Lam-ang
Will still be lacking
There are still two ships
Made of pure gold
That bring porcelain
From the land of the Chinese
Since ties have been made
With the King of Puanpuan
Who is my partner and friend
In the land of the Chinese
Where my boat sailed
And might have returned
After loading porcelain.

This is what they told him:
Our dear son Lam-ang
Now you have to go back
To the house you came from
In the town of Nalbuan
And tell you mother all.

Lam-ang then answered:
Ay father beholden
And you mother Unnayan,
When Lam-ang returns
Please listen for the salvo
I will fire from the seashore.

Lam-ang then left
The town of Calanutian
Then walked on and on
Towards home.
And this is what
The woman Cannoyan said:
Father beholden,
And you too Mother Unnayan,
Please don't worry
Let us put an arc
Let us decorate
The way to the seashore
Like the feast of Corpus Christi.

The father and the mother
Told Cannoyan thus:
Your wishes will be fulfilled
Without fail
So you have nothing to begrudge us,
Our daughter Cannoyan.

And Lam-ang arrived
In this town of Nalbuan
And said to Namongan:
Ay dear mother Namongan
I am glad to find you well
I just arrived, mother, from
The town of Calanutian
The town of Doña Ines Cannoyan.

And Namongan thus said:
My son, by the grace of God
Whom we can never repay
Your mother is well.
My son, may I ask
How your trip was?

The rooster then said
The yellow-legged cock
The woman Cannoyan
Will surely be your in-law.

Lam-ang then said:
Sound the gong
So our townmates
Will all come here
So we will sail
On the two boats
So we can load
What is needed
To serve for the wedding
Like bowls and plates
Pigs and also goats
Vegetables and many fish
And other this needed
To beautify the wedding.
Big pots and also smaller pots
Big pans and also smaller pans
Also drinking glasses
And mirrors to look into.

When they had gathered
Every townmate
Lam-ang explained
To those assembled:
My townmates,
Please ride the two boats
So you can come and attend
My wedding because
I am getting married
To Doña Ines Cannoyan.

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