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(English version)

When the mass was over
They stood up and they left
The groom and the bride
The man Lam-ang
And the woman Cannoyan.
And Unnayan said:
My dear relative,
Let us go with them.

And when Doña Ines Cannoyan.
Started to walk
A shot was fired for each step
And the smoke was a shade for her
From the gun of Lam-ang
The ringing bells were about to burst.

When they reached
The house they left
A large crowd went
With the group of Lam-ang.
And then soon after
They began dancing
All the townmates
Of the man Lam-ang
And also the townmates
Of the woman Cannoyan
And they danced
The fandango and the sagamantican.

And when the hour
For luncheon drew near
The cooks prepared the dishes
And at once set the table.
And Unnayan said:
Ay, you all my townmates,
Please partake
Of the grace served.

All the townmates
Then sat down at the table
The groom and the bride opposite each other
With an old man between them.

And Unnayan said again:
Listen to what I have to say
Your plates are yours
You can wrap them
And bring them home.

And when the feast was over
They continued dancing
All these townmates
And they did not stop dancing
Until evening.

Cannoyan said:
Ay dear caca Lam-ang,
Let me see your manner
And style of walking
If something is wrong
I will return you to your mother.

They took leave from the crowd
The groom and the bride
Because the heat was so great
And went to refresh themselves.
Cannoyan said
To the man Lam-ang:
Let us walk towards
The newly-built house.

When they had gone up
This was what she said
The woman Cannoyan
To her husband Lam-ang:
Dear caca Lam-ang
Now please walk
So I can see your manner
And style of walking.
Because if something is amiss
I will surely return you
Back to your mother
To the woman Namongan.

Well, then, he walked
And made five steps
And Cannoyan said:
Dear caca Lam-ang
I don't like your looks
Because you wear your pants low
You are bow-legged
You fill up the path
Your buttocks are prominent
And your hair could be put up in a bun.

And Lam-ang thus replied:
Ay Doña Ines Cannoyan,
If that is what you say
This is my usual style
The style of the very rich
In the town of Nalbuan
In the East of the town of Naguilian.
Ay Doña Ines Cannoyan,
Let me see too your manner
And style of walking
Perhaps you are worse.

She then walked
And made five steps
This is what he said
The man Lam-ang:
Ay Doña Ines Cannoyan
I too don't like your looks
Your feet fly in all directions
You sway while you walk.

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