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The word Kapit-bisig is a Filipino term which means to hold together as one for the main purpose of achieving a common goal.

The logo symbolizes kapit-bisig and bayanihan, a unique Philippine tradition. It resembles the common custom in Philippine barrios during the olden times (when materials for building houses called nipa hut were made of light items like bamboo and sawali), and the community members volunteer to help a family move their nipa hut. This is done by literally carrying the house to its new location.

The colors used in the logo are inspired from the colors prominent in the Philippine flag: red, white, blue, and yellow. The three major island groups of the Philippines : Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are symbolized by the three human figures garbed in native Filipino costume.  The sun and rays represent the vital role of the Filipinos in the social, political, economic development and progress of the Philippines.

KapitBisig.com is an online Philippine information focused on arts and literature that aids Filipino students in their education as well as the foreigners who are interested in learning more about the Philippines.

This site aimed to share to the world the richness of Philippines in epics, mythologies, fables, parables, poems, plays and many more.

Let's kapit-bisig to promote greater appreciation of the Filipino culture and tradition, instill pride in the Filipino heritage, and show the world the beautiful islands of the Philippines and its fun-loving and friendly people!

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nábabago sa matá