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And he added:
My friend Sumarang,
We must now go our separate ways

For I must go now to Calanutian to compete—
Who knows, I may be chosen by Doña Ines Cannoyan.

You need not continue on your way

You cannot be, with your looks,
One Doña Ines Cannoyan can possibly choose.
So many rich men and Spaniards are there already

And Doña Ines Cannoyan has yet
To look out her window for anyone.
I say it again: it is futile

For you to continue your journey.
Sumarang (suddenly added):
Prepare your end

And try defending yourself
From my spear—
It will be too bad if you can’t catch

My hooked spear.
Said Lam-ang then:
Do what you will, I await your move.

Sumarang threw his spear
At his friend, Lam-ang
Lam-ang caught it

With his little and ring finger
As though it were betel nut
Proferred by a maiden.

He twirled it nine times
Around his neck and body.

My friend Sumarang
I will return to you your spear
For I don’t want to be in your debt.

What you handed to me is too hot
Though its handle is cold
The handle of your spear.

My friend Sumarang
Now wait for its coming.
If you don’t beware,

Your corpse will be littered hereabout
By this weapon which now comes,
By your leave.

The brave-man Lam-ang,
He waved at the seawinds.
Then, simultaneously,

He let go of his spear.
The man Sumarang was flown by the spear
Across nine hills.

That’s how bad manners end up.
Friend Sumarang, now must I depart
From this, our battleground.

He carried his white rooster
And prepared to leave.
He had walked a long way

When he came across the house
Of the maiden Saridandan.
She said:

Older brother, do stop by.
Please hurry up
And let me embrace you.

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