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This is what the man Lam-ang said in turn:
Mother Namungan, of those you allude to,
I cannot choose anyone,

Not one of the maidens you speak of.
So please don’t detain me
For I must, will go.

My son Lam-ang, by God,
Please tarry longer.
For they may drench you.

With foul-smelling urine…
Spare yourself the embarrassment.

The white rooster then said,

As well as the yellow-legged hen:
Our mistress Namungan, we dreamt last night
That Doña Ines Cannoyan

Cannot help becoming your daughter-in-law.
Mother, please take out the oil
Just heated yesterday

So I may anoint my yellow-legged hen
And we may both look our best
When we go to the town of Calanutian.

Mother, please hand me
The nine coils of gold bulaoan.

And having received the gold coils,

He tied his white rooster
And his hairy dog as well.
And the task completed,

He prepared to leave.
He carried his cock, the yellow-legged rooster.
May God remain with you.

My son Lam-ang, God go with you;
Be careful, especially on your way there
Which you know to be more dangerous,

Having heard out the advice,
Lam-ang went his way
To Calanutian, the town of Doña Ines Cannoyan.

He walked untiringly
And midway to his destination,
Encountered the man Sumarang.

Whose eyes were big as plates
And whose nose was wide as two wheels.
This is what he at once said:

My friend, brave-man Lam-ang,
Where are you headed for?
Which forest do you intend to trap in?

Which mountain do you intend to hunt in?
My friend Lam-ang?

Replied Lam-ang:

My friend Sumarang, may I also ask
Where you came from—
The town, the locality you visited?

Said Sumarang:
Since you ask me, I came from the north,
The town of Calanutian.

I went there to compete
For the hand of Doña Ines Cannoyan.

Lam-ang said:

Where you came from
There I also intend to go,
With the same purpose, my friend Sumarang.

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