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Do let us decorate the streets please
Till Sabangan
Just as we do during Corpus Christi.

Then they said to Cannoyan,
Both her father and mother:
Daughter Cannoyan, all your wishes shall be done.

Soon, Lam-ang arrived at his hometown, Nalbuan.
My mother Namungan
How are you at my arrival?

I am back from Calanutian.
My son Lam-ang, God is merciful indeed
And this cannot be repaid.

Your mother is hale and strong.
Now must I ask about your trip—
What came of it.

The yellow-legged rooster said:
Cannoyan is now
Your daughter-in-law.

Then said Lam-ang:
Please strike the longgangan, the gong
To summon all our townmates.

That they may ride our two boats
And fill it, too, with bowls and plates;
Big and small pans.

And drinking glasses
Which can double as mirrors.

When his townmates had assembled,

Lam-ang made an announcement.
Townmates, please come to my wedding feast;
We will all ride in my two boats.

And when the needed things had been loaded:
My townmates, please go on board one by one.
When each one had boarded the boat,

Each of his townmates,
Then spoke Lam-ang again:
Namungan, my mother,

Please take with you all
Those that Cannoyan shall wear:
The slippers embroidered with bulaoan

As well as her mounted ring.
Take also the two combs
And her two bracelets.

His mother took all these
And wrapped them for Cannoyan,
He daughter-in-law, to wear.

Mother, let us go now on board
One of the ships.

Once on board the boat,

The sails were at once unfurled.
Since there was no wind, the ships refused to budge.
Lam-ang gave the rear of each a slap

And at once,
Both ships were launched.
Near Sabangan,

Lam-ang fired a salvo
To let Doña Ines Cannoyan
Know of their arrival.

Cannoyan at once said:
Father to whom I owe my life
And my mother Unnayan,

My older brother, the man Lam-ang, has come—
I heard his signal fired from Sabangan.
Let us now hasten to meet the brave-man Lam-ang.

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