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They hastened
To the cheeks of Sabangan bay.
And by the time they arrived there,

The brave-man Lam-ang
Was already there waiting.
Hurry up, now, give me your hands.

For the woman Cannoyan
Missed you so much.
Let all your relatives and townmates

Disembark at once
And wear the clothes I prepared for them—
What one wears, she may keep,

Announced Cannoyan
To Lam-ang’s townmates.
The two mothers-in-law met

And Namungan deferred
To the other thus:
My sister, Madam Unnayan,

It is only proper that we return
To the house you came down from;
At your town, Calanutian.

They left for the house
They came down from.
And their arrival marked the end

Of Lam-ang’s formal wooing
Of Cannoyan.
Came Monday morning

And Ines donned her best clothes:
Her embroidered slippers;
Her mounted ring;

Her five combs and two bracelets.
So also did Lam-ang wear his best:
Embroidered trousers,

Dyed shirt and serrated handkerchief.
And as they stepped down the stairs
The band played.

The joyous ringing of the bells—
A mingling of low and high notes—
Signalled their journey to the church.

The parish priest met them at the churchyard.
And soon, the ceremonies of coin and veils
Were done.

The mass over,
They stood up and went out,
The man Lam-ang and woman Cannoyan.

Sister, my friend,
Let us commence the procession.

A gun barked with every step of Ines.

The gun of Lam-ang created
A shade of smoke.
And when the wedding party reached home,

A multitude trooped as on a field
To the feast of Lam-ang.
The Calanutian folks

Soon, all were dancing,
Together with the townmates of Lam-ang.
Soon, everyone was dancing

Fandango and sagamantica.
Soon, the refreshments
Were exhausted.

The cooks, by then, were ready
And laid out the buffet tables:
All of you, townmates,

Come and partake
Of the grace all laid out for you.

And the townmates of Lam-ang and Cannoyan

Ate on the same tables.
Listen to what I say—
One may keep his plate.

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malikót ang kamáy