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Were cause for my weeping
For I couldn’t bear it,
Couldn’t bear losing you.

Dear Husband Don Lam-ang
Give me your hand:
The woman Cannoyan missed you so much,

The wife whom you left.
They fainted together,
Like trees fallen

With excessive longing,
Even Don Lam-ang,
For he missed his Cannoyan so much.

The man Lam-ang then expressed joy
At seeing once more his cock
And his hairy dog, kissing them both.

Their longing sated,
They prepared to leave.
That we may reach the house

We came down from
Once there, Lam-ang said:
It is only right to repay

The old man, the diver.
My wife Cannoyan,
Give him a pile of coins taller than he is.

This is how it ended, the life of Lam-ang.
Now, let me greet all of you present
In this (recounting) of the life of Lam-ang.

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binuksán ang dibdib