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Maria Clara Weds

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Yez, Clarita, but the time of the miracles is pazt.  We Zpaniards zay: ‘Truzt in the Virgin and take to your heels.’

T-the other w-way!

Capitan Tiago, who had up to this point had no chance to speak, now made bold enough to ask, while he threw himself into an attitude of strict attention, So you, Doña Victorina, think that the Virgin—

We’ve come ezpezially to talk with you about the virgin, she answered mysteriously, making a sign toward Maria Clara.  We’ve come to talk business.

The maiden understood that she was expected to retire, so with an excuse she went away, supporting herself on the furniture.

What was said and what was agreed upon in this conference was so sordid and mean that we prefer not to recount it.  It is enough to record that as they took their leave they were all merry, and that afterwards Capitan Tiago said to Aunt Isabel:

Notify the restaurant that we’ll have a fiesta tomorrow.  Get Maria ready, for we’re going to marry her off before long.

Aunt Isabel stared at him in consternation.

You’ll see! When Señor Linares is our son-in-law we’ll get into all the palaces.  Every one will envy us, every one will die of envy!

Thus it happened that at eight o’clock on the following evening the house of Capitan Tiago was once again filled, but this time his guests were only Spaniards and Chinese.  The fair sex was represented by Peninsular and Philippine-Spanish ladies.

There were present the greater part of our acquaintances: Padre Sibyla and Padre Salvi among various Franciscans and Dominicans; the old lieutenant of the Civil Guard, Señor Guevara, gloomier than ever; the alferez, who was for the thousandth time describing his battle and gazing over his shoulders at every one, believing himself to be a Don John of Austria, for he was now a major; De Espadaña, who looked at the alferez with respect and fear, and avoided his gaze; and Doña Victorina, swelling with indignation. Linares had not yet come; as a personage of importance, he had to arrive later than the others.  There are creatures so simple that by being an hour behind time they transform themselves into great men.

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langit at lupà