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Maria Clara Weds

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Capitan Tiago, then, as a prudent and cautious man, could not decide so easily as Trojan Paris—he could not so lightly give the preference to one Virgin for fear of offending another, a situation that might be fraught with grave consequences.  Prudence! he said to himself. Let’s not go and spoil it all now.

He was still in the midst of these doubts when the governmental party arrived,—Doña Victorina, Don Tiburcio, and Linares.  Doña Victorina did the talking for the three men as well as for herself.  She mentioned Linares’ visits to the Captain-General and repeatedly insinuated the advantages of a relative of quality.  Now, she concluded, as we was zaying: he who zhelterz himzelf well, builds a good roof.

T-the other w-way, w-woman! corrected the doctor.

For some days now she had been endeavoring to Andalusize her speech, and no one had been able to get this idea out of her head—she would sooner have first let them tear off her false frizzes.

Yez, she went on, speaking of Ibarra, he deserves it all. I told you zo when I first zaw him, he’s a filibuzter.  What did the General zay to you, cousin? What did he zay? What news did he tell you about thiz Ibarra?

Seeing that her cousin was slow in answering, she continued, directing her remarks to Capitan Tiago, Believe me, if they zentenz him to death, as is to be hoped, it’ll be on account of my cousin.

Señora, señora! protested Linares.

But she gave him no time for objections.  How diplomatic you have become! We know that you’re the adviser of the General, that he couldn’t live without you.  Ah, Clarita, what a pleasure to zee you!

Maria Clara was still pale, although now quite recovered from her illness.  Her long hair was tied up with a light blue silk ribbon.  With a timid bow and a sad smile she went up to Doña Victorina for the ceremonial kiss.

After the usual conventional remarks, the pseudo-Andalusian continued: We’ve come to visit you. You’ve been zaved, thankz to your relations.  This was said with a significant glance toward Linares.

God has protected my father, replied the girl in a low voice.

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