Chapter 60: - Page 11 of 11

Maria Clara Weds

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Yes, sobbed the girl, my father demands this sacrifice.  He has loved me and cared for me when it was not his duty to do so, and I will pay this debt of gratitude to assure his peace, by means of this new relationship, but—

But what?

I will never forget the vows of faithfulness that I have made to you.

What are you thinking of doing? asked Ibarra, trying to read the look in her eyes.

The future is dark and my destiny is wrapped in gloom! I don’t know what I should do.  But know, that I have loved but once and that without love I will never belong to any man.  And you, what is going to become of you?

I am only a fugitive, I am fleeing. In a little while my flight will have been discovered. Maria—

Maria Clara caught the youth’s head in her hands and kissed him repeatedly on the lips, embraced him, and drew abruptly away.  Go, go! she cried. Go, and farewell!

Ibarra gazed at her with shining eyes, but at a gesture from her moved away—intoxicated, wavering.

Once again he leaped over the wall and stepped into the banka.  Maria Clara, leaning over the balustrade, watched him depart.  Elias took off his hat and bowed to her profoundly.


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ibangon ang puri