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The Cockpit

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Sir! called Tarsilo.

What’s up?

How much will you give us? asked the two brothers together.

I’ve already told you. If you will undertake to get others for the purpose of making a surprise-attack on the barracks, I’ll give each of you thirty pesos and ten pesos for each companion you bring.  If all goes well, each one will receive a hundred pesos and you double that amount.  Don Crisostomo is rich.

Accepted! exclaimed Bruno.  Let’s have the money.

I knew you were brave, as your father was! Come, so that those fellows who killed him may not overhear us, said Lucas, indicating the civil-guards.

Taking them into a corner, he explained to them while he was counting out the money, Tomorrow Don Crisostomo will get back with the arms.  Day after tomorrow, about eight o’clock at night, go to the cemetery and I’ll let you know the final arrangements.  You have time to look for companions.

After they had left him the two brothers seemed to have changed parts—Tarsilo was calm, while Bruno was uneasy.

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parang may tangáy na butó