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The Cockpit

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

I don’t know, sir. This morning two came, one of them the lásak that whipped the Consul’s talisain.[1]

Do you think that my bulik is a match for it?

I should say so! I’ll bet my house and my camisa on it!

At that moment Capitan Tiago arrives, dressed like the heavy gamblers, in a camisa of Canton linen, woolen pantaloons, and a wide straw hat.  Behind him come two servants carrying the lásak and a white cock of enormous size.

Sinang tells me that Maria is improving all the time, says Capitan Basilio.

She has no more fever but is still very weak.

Did you lose last night?

A little. I hear that you won. I’m going to see if I can’t get even here.

Do you want to fight the lásak? asks Capitan Basilio, looking at the cock and taking it from the servant.  That depends—if there’s a bet.

How much will you put up?

I won’t gamble for less than two.

Have you seen my bulik? inquires Capitan Basilio, calling to a man who is carrying a small game-cock.

Capitan Tiago examines it and after feeling its weight and studying its scales returns it with the question, How much will you put up?

[1] Lásak, talisain, and bulik are some of the numerous terms used in the vernacular to describe fighting-cocks.—TR.

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