Chapter 46: - Page 9 of 10

The Cockpit

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

You’re right!

The brothers now sought for Lucas in the different groups.  As soon as they saw him Tarsilo stopped.  No! Let’s get out of here! We’re going to ruin ourselves! he exclaimed.

Go on if you want to! I’m going to accept!


Unfortunately, a man approached them, saying, Are you betting? I’m for the bulik! The brothers did not answer.

I’ll give odds!

How much? asked Bruno.

The man began to count out his pesos.  Bruno watched him breathlessly.

I have two hundred.  Fifty to forty!

No, said Bruno resolutely.  Put—

All right! Fifty to thirty!

Double it if you want to.

All right.  The bulik belongs to my protector and I’ve just won.  A hundred to sixty!

Taken! Wait till I get the money.

But I’ll hold the stakes, said the other, not confiding much in Bruno’s looks.

It’s all the same to me, answered the latter, trusting to his fists.  Then turning to his brother he added, Even if you do keep out, I’m going in.

Tarsilo reflected: he loved his brother and liked the sport, and, unable to desert him, he murmured, Let it go.

They made their way to Lucas, who, on seeing them approach, smiled.

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