To the Flowers of Heidelberg - Page 2 of 2

by Dr. José Rizal

(English version of “A las flores de Heidelberg”)

Bear then, O flowers, love's message bear;
My love to all the love'd one's there,
Peace to my country - faithful land -
Faith whereon its sons may stand,
And virtue for its daughters's care;
All those beloved creatures greet,
That still around home's altar meet.

And when you come home unto its shore,
This kiss I now on you bestow,
Fling where the winged breezes blow;
That borne on them it may hover o'er
All that I love, esteem, and adore.

But though, O flowers, you come unto that land,
And still perchance your colors hold;
So far from this heroic strand,
Whose soil frist bade your life unfold
Still here your fragrance will expand;
Your soul that never quits the earth
Whose light smiled on you at your birth.

(Tinagalog ni J.R. de Leon)

Sanggunian: de Leon, Jacinto R. Diez Poesías de Rizal (con traducciones en Tagalog). Manila: Manlapaz Publishing Co., 1958, pp. 28-29.

See also the original Spanish version (A las flores de Heidelberg) and the Tagalog version (Sa mga Bulaklak ng Heidelberg) of this Philippine poem.

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