Through Education is the Nation Glorified - Page 2 of 3

by Dr. José Rizal

(English version of “Por la Educación Recibe Lustre la Patria”)

The crystalline waters of heavenly virtue
spring from her lips without surcease
and the prudent doctrines of her faith
debilitate the forces of evil
that shatter like the silvery waves
beating against unmoving shores;
and mortals learn by her example
how to climb the heavenly trails.

Within the breasts of hapless mortals
she kindles the living flame of good;
she binds the hands of the wild criminal;
and faithfully pours out consolation
to those who seek her kindly mysteries,
inflaming their hearts with a love for good.
And thus is education, so noble
and perfect, the sure balm of life.

And like the rock that rises proudly
amid the turmoil of the waves
when storm and the savage South Wind clamor,
disdaining the fury of the waves
which, weary at last of horrifying,
beat a retreat of sinister calm;
such is he whom education directs:
ably shall he hold the reins of state.

His deeds shall be inscribed in sapphire;
his land shall pay him a thousand honors;
for in the noble breasts of his children
virtue transplanted healthy flowers.
And by the love for good consumed
its governors and leaders shall serve
the nation that in steady venture
pursues a Christian education.

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háharáp sa dambanà