Mi Retiro

by Dr. José Rizal

It will be recalled that when Rizal left Hong Kong for Manila in 1892, only his sister Lucia had gone with him.  The rest of the sisters and the father and mother remained in Hong Kong. (Narcisa and Paciano had never gone there.)

On August 26, 1893, Trinidad and José's mother left Hong Kong and proceeded to Dapitan, where they spent the next eighteen months with José.  He gave his mother's eyes the final treatment needed to restore her sight, so that she was able to see the rest of her life.  She returned to Manila in February, 1895.

Rizal wrote another poem, in response to a request from his mother, who had all his life, stimulated his poetry.  This poem is regarded by some of his admirers as the most profound and noble poem he ever composed.  All critics agree that it is second only to "Mi Ultimo Adiós" ("My Last Farewell").  He sent this poem to his mother on October 22, 1895.

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