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Local Affairs

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

The Captain-General again smiled and said: A woman or a friar can’t insult one. I contemplate living in peace for the time that I shall remain in this country and I don’t want any more quarrels with men who wear skirts.  Besides, I’ve learned that the Provincial has scoffed at my orders.  I asked for the removal of this friar as a punishment and they transferred him to a better town ‘monkish tricks,’ as we say in Spain.

But when his Excellency found himself alone he stopped smiling.  Ah, if this people were not so stupid, I would put a curb on their Reverences, he sighed to himself.  But every people deserves its fate, so let’s do as everybody else does.

Capitan Tiago, meanwhile, had concluded his interview with Padre Damaso, or rather, to speak more exactly, Padre Damaso had concluded with him.

So now you are warned! said the Franciscan on leaving.  All this could have been avoided if you had consulted me beforehand, if you had not lied when I asked you.  Try not to play any more foolish tricks, and trust your protector.

Capitan Tiago walked up and down the sala a few times, meditating and sighing.  Suddenly, as if a happy thought had occurred to him, he ran to the oratory and extinguished the candles and the lamp that had been lighted for Ibarra’s safety.  The way is long and there’s yet time, he muttered.

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