Chapter 61: - Page 6 of 7

The Chase on the Lake

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

He gazed at his robust arms and, adopting the only course left, began to row with all his might toward Talim Island, just as the sun was rising.

The banka slipped rapidly along.  Elias saw standing on the boat, which had veered about, some men making signals to him.

Do you know how to manage a banka? he asked Ibarra.

Yes, why?

Because we are lost if I don’t jump into the water and throw them off the track.  They will pursue me, but I swim and dive well. I’ll draw them away from you and then you can save yourself.

No, stay here, and we’ll sell our lives dearly!

That would be useless.  We have no arms and with their rifles they would shoot us down like birds.

At that instant the water gave forth a hiss such as is caused by the falling of hot metal into it, followed instantaneously by a loud report.

You see! said Elias, placing the paddle in the boat.  We’ll see each other on Christmas Eve at the tomb of your grandfather.  Save yourself.

And you?

God has carried me safely through greater perils.

As Elias took off his camisa a bullet tore it from his hands and two loud reports were heard.  Calmly he clasped the hand of Ibarra, who was still stretched out in the bottom of the banka.  Then he arose and leaped into the water, at the same time pushing the little craft away from him with his foot.

Cries resounded, and soon some distance away the youth’s head appeared, as if for breathing, then instantly disappeared.

There, there he is! cried several voices, and again the bullets whistled.

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ináamag na