Chapter 61: - Page 4 of 7

The Chase on the Lake

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Then I’ll go on without you! responded Ibarra resolutely.

Is your decision final?

Final and firm; let the memory of my mother bear witness! I will not let peace and happiness be torn away from me with impunity, I who desired only what was good, I who have respected everything and endured everything out of love for a hypocritical religion and out of love of country.  How have they answered me? By burying me in an infamous dungeon and robbing me of my intended wife! No, not to avenge myself would be a crime, it would be encouraging them to new acts of injustice! No, it would be cowardice, pusillanimity, to groan and weep when there is blood and life left, when to insult and menace is added mockery. I will call out these ignorant people, I will make them see their misery.  I will teach them to think not of brotherhood but only that they are wolves for devouring, I will urge them to rise against this oppression and proclaim the eternal right of man to win his freedom!

But innocent people will suffer!

So much the better! Can you take me to the mountains?

Until you are in safety, replied Elias.

Again they moved out into the Pasig, talking from time to time of indifferent matters.

Santa Ana! murmured Ibarra.  Do you recognize this building? They were passing in front of the country-house of the Jesuits.

There I spent many pleasant and happy days! sighed Elias.  In my time we came every month.  Then I was like others, I had a fortune, family, I dreamed, I looked forward to a future.  In those days I saw my sister in the near-by college, she presented me with a piece of her own embroidery-work.  A friend used to accompany her, a beautiful girl.  All that has passed like a dream.

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