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Patriotism and Private Interests

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Capitan Tinong turned deathly pale at hearing so many words in um; such a sound presaged ill.  His wife clasped her hands supplicatingly and said:

Cousin, don’t talk to us in Latin now.  You know that we’re not philosophers like you. Let’s talk in Spanish or Tagalog.  Give us some advice.

It’s a pity that you don’t understand Latin, cousin.  Truths in Latin are lies in Tagalog; for example, contra principia negantem fustibus est arguendum[13] in Latin is a truth like Noah’s ark, but I put it into practise once and I was the one who got whipped.  So, it’s a pity that you don’t know Latin.  In Latin everything would be straightened out.

We, too, know many oremus, parcenobis, and Agnus Dei Catolis, [14] but now we shouldn’t understand one another.  Provide Tinong with an argument so that they won’t hang him!

You’re done wrong, very wrong, cousin, in cultivating friendship with that young man, replied the Latinist.

The righteous suffer for the sinners.  I was almost going to advise you to make your will.  Vae illis! Ubi est fumus ibi est ignis! Similis simili audet; atqui Ibarra ahorcatur, ergo ahorcaberis— [15] With this he shook his head from side to side disgustedly.

Saturnino, what’s the matter? cried Capitana Tinchang in dismay.  Ay, he’s dead! A doctor! Tinong, Tinongoy!

The two daughters ran to her, and all three fell to weeping.  It’s nothing more than a swoon, cousin! I would have been more pleased that—that—but unfortunately it’s only a swoon.  Non timeo mortem in catre sed super espaldonem Bagumbayanis. [16] Get some water!

[13] Against him who denies the fundamentals, clubs should be used as arguments.

[14] Latin prayers. Agnus Dei Catolis for Agnus Dei qui tollis (John I. 29).

[15] Woe unto them! Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Like seeks like; and if Ibarra is hanged, therefore you will be hanged.

[16] I do not fear death in bed, but upon the mount of Bagumbayan.

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