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Patriotism and Private Interests

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

What would have become of him if not for the religious corporations?

And to celebrate the fiesta better, serve notice on the cook and the refectioner.  Gaudeamus for three days!

Amen!Viva Salvi!Amen!

In another convent they talked differently.

You see, now, that fellow is a pupil of the Jesuits.  The filibusters come from the Ateneo.

And the anti-friars.

I told you so.  The Jesuits are ruining the country, they’re corrupting the youth, but they are tolerated because they trace a few scrawls on a piece of paper when there is an earthquake.

And God knows how they are made!

Yes, but don’t contradict them.  When everything is shaking and moving about, who draws diagrams? Nothing, Padre Secchi— [3]

And they smiled with sovereign disdain.

But what about the weather forecasts and the typhoons? asked another ironically. Aren’t they divine?

Any fisherman foretells them!

When he who governs is a fool—tell me how your head is and I’ll tell you how your foot is! But you’ll see if the friends favor one another.  The newspapers very nearly ask a miter for Padre Salvi.

He’s going to get it! He’ll lick it right up!

Do you think so?

[3] A celebrated Italian astronomer, member of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits are still in charge of the Observatory of Manila.—TR.

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sampúng piraso ang mukhâ