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(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Nothing more than that? What a secret! exclaimed Sinang aloud, in the tone of a cheated usurer.  I thought—

Be careful! I don’t want you to make it known!

Nor do I want to do it, replied Sinang, turning up her nose.  If it were something more important, I would tell my friends.  But to buy coconuts! Coconuts! Who’s interested in coconuts? And with extraordinary haste she ran to join her friends.

A few minutes later Ibarra, seeing that the interest of the party could only languish, took his leave.  Capitan Tiago wore a bitter-sweet look, Linares was silent and watchful, while the curate with assumed cheerfulness talked of indifferent matters.  None of the girls had reappeared.

Learn this Filipino word:

nanaog sa bintanà