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(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

May I know what you said?

No, that’s a secret, but I’ll tell you soon alone.  Now tell me where you’ve been, so we can see who guessed right.

No, that’s also a secret, but I’ll tell you alone, if these gentlemen will excuse us.

Certainly, certainly, by all means! exclaimed Padre Salvi.

Rejoicing over the prospect of learning a secret, Sinang led Crisostomo to one end of the sala.

Tell me, little friend, he asked, is Maria angry with me?

I don’t know, but she says that it’s better for you to forget her, then she begins to cry.  Capitan Tiago wants her to marry that man.  So does Padre Damaso, but she doesn’t say either yes or no.  This morning when we were talking about you and I said, ‘Suppose he has gone to make love to some other girl?’ she answered, ‘Would that he had!’ and began to cry.

Ibarra became grave.  Tell Maria that I want to talk with her alone.

Alone? asked Sinang, wrinkling her eyebrows and staring at him.

Entirely alone, no, but not with that fellow present.

It’s rather difficult, but don’t worry, I’ll tell her.

When shall I have an answer?

Tomorrow come to my house early.  Maria doesn’t want to be left alone at all, so we stay with her.  Victoria sleeps with her one night and I the other, and tonight it’s my turn.  But listen, your secret? Are you going away without telling me?

That’s right! I was in the town of Los Baños.  I’m going to develop some coconut-groves and I’m thinking of putting up an oil-mill.  Your father will be my partner.

Learn this Filipino word:

labás sa bakuran