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(The Summary of “Florante at Laura”)

After wandering around the forest for five months, Aladin begins to narrate his story.  He says that his father is the root of all his suffering.  His father became his rival for his love, Flerida.  In order to succeed, Sultan Ali-Adab plotted a scheme to behead Aladin by framing him as the cause of the downfall of the Persian invaders that resulted to Florante's victory in Albania.  On the night before Aladin's execution, Sultan Ali-Adab forgave Aladin on the condition that he would flee Persia and never return.  Aladin agreed but could not accept the idea of Flerida in the arms of another man.  Since then, Aladin has been a wanderer of the forest for six years.  He suddenly stops his story when they heard voices in the forest.

The two men heard voices.  One of the women narrated the story she heard about the danger that her lover was in.  She begged the Sultan not to push through with his beheading in exchange for her agreement to marry him.  The Sultan agreed and her lover was set free, leaving without saying goodbye.  One night, while everyone was busy with the wedding preparations, the woman who happens to be Flerida, disguised herself as a soldier and escaped.  She wandered the forest hoping to find her love. Here in the forest is where the two women met when Flerida saved Laura who was about to be assaulted by a man.  They stop talking when they hear footsteps approaching and were surprised to see Florante and Aladdin.

Laura narrates her story.  It began when Florante left to battle the Persian invaders.  Adolfo ordered that the king and his loyal servants be beheaded.  Adolfo took over the throne and forced Laura to marry him.  It took five months for him to court Laura but she did not waver in her decision not to marry him. After Florante was sent to die in the forest, Menandro and his men returned to Albania and overthrew Adolfo from the throne.  Adolfo would not accept defeat; instead he took Laura and his men to the forest.  Here Adolfo saw no escape and decided to rape Laura right there.  Upon hearing a woman's cry for help, Flerida came to the rescue and killed Adolfo with an arrow.

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Menandro and his troupe.  Upon seeing Florante, he rejoices to see his friend.

The two couples return to Albania where they are warmly welcomed.  Flerida and Aladdin agree to be baptized as Christians.  Both couples are wed and Florante and Laura rule over Albania with justice, peace, and harmony.  When Sultan Ali-Adab dies, Aladdin and Flerida return to Persia and they rule over the people happily.

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