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(The Summary of “Florante at Laura”)

After rescuing Florante, Aladin frees him and lays him down.  Florante wakes up delirious looking for Laura.  The Muslim soldier does not respond and Florante goes back to sleep.   When he finally wakes up, Florante is surprised to see an enemy taking care of him.  Aladin told him that he wishes the man no harm and that the command of heaven to help is what's important.  The man said that he did not want the soldier's pity, what he needs is death.   Aladin yelled at him for speaking such nonsense.

Due to all that they have been through recently, Aladin and Florante decide to become silent.  When nightfall comes, Aladin carried Florante and rests on a flat rock.  The Muslim soldier feeds Florante and has him sleep on his lap.  He watches over Florante because he is still delirious and he is devastated every time the latter wakes up.  In the morning, Florante thanks Aladin for what he has done for him.  The soldier asked Florante why he was so devastated, and the latter willingly narrated his story.

The man tells the Muslim soldier that his name is Florante.  Florante tells him that he came from Albania and that he is the son of Duke Briseus, second in command of the kingdom, and Princess Floresca of Croton.  He proudly talks about his father saying what a brave and kind man he was.  He also emphasizes that there is no one who can outdo his father in loving a child and in teaching him good manners.  Florante also spoke of two accounts when he almost died as a child.  One was when he was almost caught by a vulture but was rescued by his cousin Menalipo.  The other was when someone attempted to take the diamond that was on his chest.

Florante spoke about his happy childhood.  When he was a child, he loved playing outdoors and hunting. He realized that a child must not be raised with too much freedom and security because life is tougher when one grows older.  He also says that a child will have difficulty in facing challenges if he is too pampered and safe as a child.  Duke Briseus taught him how to stand alone by sending him to Athens to study under Antenor.

Florante studies in Athens under Antenor.   He becomes homesick and longs to be with his parents again but he is comforted by Antenor.  Adolfo, a boy from Albania and the son of Duke Sileno, becomes his classmate.  Adolfo is two years older than him and is admired by everyone in school for his wisdom and kindness.  Due to his intelligence, Florante was able to learn the lessons about philosophy, astrology and mathematics in no time at all which astonished his teachers.  He even surpassed Adolfo in all aspect and became known all across Athens.  Everyone distrusted the kindness that Adolfo is showing.  In a sporting competition, Adolfo's true color began to show which aroused the people's suspicions.

During a play performed by the students, Adolfo attempted to kill Florante but did not succeed due to his classmate Menandro's interference.  After two months, Florante received a letter from his father bringing bad news and summoning him to come home.  It was difficult for Florante to say his goodbyes to his classmates and his mentor, Antenor.  Before leaving, Antenor advised Florante not to be too trusting because there are enemies all around us.   Florante went home with his friend, Menandro. Upon arriving at Albania, Florante cried when he saw his father.  After he calmed down, Duke Briseus told Florante about the death of Princess Floresca.

The emissary of Croton came to Albania with a letter asking for help in saving Croton from the Persian invaders headed by General Osmalic.  Florante pauses to praise Aladin, saying that the general is only second to Aladin in combat skill.  With this, Aladin smiles and says that rumors are not necessarily true. Returning to his story, Florante said that he and his father went to King Linceus to discuss how they could help Croton.  King Linceus appointed Florante to lead the army that will help save Croton.

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