The Characters

(The Summary of “Florante at Laura”)

Major characters:

Son of Duke Briseo and Princess Floresca; the main character of the SONG; Laura's love
Daughter of King Liceo; Florante's love
A Muslim prince and soldier; son of Sultan Ali-Adab; the man who saved Florante; Flerida's love
The woman who saved Laura; Aladin’s love
Count Adolfo
A traitor; son of Count Sileno; very envious of Florante's achievement
Florante's classmate and faithful best friend; Florante’s right hand in the battle

Minor characters:

Duke Briseo
Father of Florante; Princess Floresca's husband; King Linceo’s adviser
Princess Floresca
Mother of Florante; wife of Duke Briseo, princess of Croton
King Linceo
King of Albania; father of Laura
Florante's reliable mentor while he was studying in Athens, Greece
Count Sileno
Count Adolfo's father; also from Albania
General Miramolin
Headed the Persian troupes towards invading Albania
General Osmalic
A Persian general who wanted to invade Kroton
Sultan Ali-Adab
King of Persia; father of Aladin; who also desired Aladin’s love of his life, Flerida
Florante's cousin who saved him from a vulture that almost snatched him from his cradle
King of Croton kingdom
Princess Floresca’s father and the grandfather of Florante

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