Hymn to the Talisay Tree - Page 2 of 2

by Dr. José Rizal

(English version of “Himno Á Talisay”)

We study sciences exact;
The history of our motherland:
Three languages or four command;
Bring faith and reason in accord.
Our hands can manage at one time
The sail and working spade and pen,
The mason's maul -- for virile men
Companions, and the gun and sword.

Live, live, O leafy green Talisay!
Our voices sing thy praise in chorus,
Clear star, and precious treasure for us,
Our childhood's wisdom and its balm.
In fights that wait for every man,
In sorrow and adversity,
Thy memory a charm will be,
And in the tomb, they name, they calm.


Hail, O Talisay!
Firm and untiring,
Ever aspiring,
Stately thy gait,
Things, everywhere
In sea, land or air
Shalt thou dominate.

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