Hymn to the Talisay Tree

by Dr. José Rizal

(English version of “Himno Á Talisay”)

At Dapitan, the sandy shore
And rocks aloft on mountain crest
Form thy throne, O refuge blest,
That we from childhood days have known,
In your vales that flowers adorn,
And your fruitful leafy shade,
Our thinking powers are being made,
And soul with body being grown.

We are youth not long on earth
But our souls are free from sorrow;
Calm, strong men we'll be tomorrow,
Who can guard our families' rights.
Lads are we whom naught can frighten,
Whether thunder, waves, or rain.
Swift of arm, serene of mien
In peril, shall we wage our fights.

With our games we churn the sand,
Through the caves and crags we roam,
On the rocks we make our home,
Everywhere our arms can reach.
Neither dark nor night obscure
Cause us fear, nor fierce torment
That even Satan can invent.
Life or death? We must face each!

Talisayans, people call us;
Mighty souls in bodies small.
O'er Dapitan's district all,
No Talisay like this towers.
None can match our reservoir.
Our diving pool, the sea profound!
No rowing boat the world around
For a moment can pass ours.

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