To The Philippine Youth - Page 2 of 2

by Dr. José Rizal

(English version of “A La Juventud Filipina”)

Thou, who by sharp strife
Wakest thy mind to life;
And the memory bright
Of thy genius' light
Makest immortal in its strength;

And thou, in accents clear
Of Phoebus, to Apelles dear;
Or by the brush's magic art
Takest from nature's store a part,
To fig it on the simple canvas' length;

Go forth, and then the sacred fire
Of thy genius to the laurel may aspire;
To spread around the fame,
And in victory acclaim,
Through wider spheres the human name.

Day, O happy day,
Fair Filipinas, for thy land!
So bless the Power to-day
That places in thy way
This favor and this fortune grand!

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isubò sa basag-ulo