Me Piden Versos

by Dr. José Rizal

Rizal lived a frugal life in Madrid, strictly budgeting both his (1) money for food, clothing and school materials; and (2)time for his studies and social life.  He longed to go back to see his mother.  But he must continue studying medicine until he could restore her sight.  So he fought down his longing to return, although, as Retana wrote, Homesickness invaded his spirit every hour-- he was so many leagues from those he loved!  In the first and most acute stages of his longing for home his mother wrote asking him to write poetry, and he poured into the answer all the melancholy of his aching soul.  He joined the Circulo Hispano Filipino and wrote the poem, Me Piden Versos (They Asked Me for Verses).  It was published October 7, 1882.

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harì ng samâ