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(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

From here over there is quite a distance and we’ll get wet, answered the distinguido.

What does that matter just so the lightning doesn’t strike us?

Bah, don’t worry! The nuns surely have a lightningrod to protect them.

Yes, observed the private, but of what use is it when the night is so dark?

As he said this he looked upward to stare into the darkness.  At that moment a prolonged streak of lightning flashed, followed by a terrific roar.

Nakú! Susmariosep! exclaimed the private, crossing himself and catching hold of his companion.  Let’s get away from here.

What’s happened?

Come, come away from here, he repeated with his teeth rattling from fear.

What have you seen?

A specter! he murmured, trembling with fright.

A specter?

On the roof there.  It must be the nun who practises magic during the night.

The distinguido thrust his head out to look, just as a flash of lightning furrowed the heavens with a vein of fire and sent a horrible crash earthwards.  Jesús! he exclaimed, also crossing himself.

In the brilliant glare of the celestial light he had seen a white figure standing almost on the ridge of the roof with arms and face raised toward the sky as if praying to it.  The heavens responded with lightning and thunderbolts!

As the sound of the thunder rolled away a sad plaint was heard.

That’s not the wind, it’s the specter, murmured the private, as if in response to the pressure of his companion’s hand.

Ay! Ay! came through the air, rising above the noise of the rain, nor could the whistling wind drown that sweet and mournful voice charged with affliction.

Again the lightning flashed with dazzling intensity.

No, it’s not a specter! exclaimed the distinguido.

I’ve seen her before.  She’s beautiful, like the Virgin! Let’s get away from here and report it.

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