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Rumors and Beliefs

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

The rustic took a seat near by, as if to wait patiently, but he dropped a piece of money and started to look for it with the aid of a candle under the senior sacristan’s chair.  He noticed seeds of amores-secos on the pantaloons and on the cuffs of the sleeper’s camisa.  The latter awoke, rubbed his one good eye, and began to scold the rustic with great ill-humor.

I wanted to order a mass, sir, was the reply in a tone of excuse.

The masses are already over, said the sacristan, sweetening his tone a little at this.  If you want it for tomorrow—is it for the souls in purgatory?

No, sir, answered the rustic, handing him a peso.

Then gazing fixedly at the single eye, he added, It’s for a person who’s going to die soon.

Hereupon he left the sacristy.  I could have caught him last night! he sighed, as he took off the bandage and stood erect to recover the face and form of Elias.

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