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(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Let’s not talk about me, sir—

Look, continued Ibarra, not noticing the youth’s agitation, while he placed a piece of bamboo over a flame, I’ve made a great discovery.  This bamboo is incombustible.

It’s not a question of bamboo now, sir, it’s a question of your collecting your papers and fleeing at this very moment.

Ibarra glanced at him in surprise and, on seeing the gravity of his countenance, dropped the object that he held in his hands.

Burn everything that may compromise you and within an hour put yourself in a place of safety.

Why? Ibarra was at length able to ask.

Put all your valuables in a safe place—


Burn every letter written by you or to you—the most innocent thing may be wrongly construed—

But why all this?

Why! Because I’ve just discovered a plot that is to be attributed to you in order to ruin you.

A plot? Who is forming it?

I haven’t been able to discover the author of it, but just a moment ago I talked with one of the poor dupes who are paid to carry it out, and I wasn’t able to dissuade him.

But he—didn’t he tell you who is paying him?

Yes! Under a pledge of secrecy he said that it was you.

My God! exclaimed the terrified Ibarra.

There’s no doubt of it, sir.  Don’t lose any time, for the plot will probably be carried out this very night.

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hináhabol na ng guntíng