Chapter 52: - Page 5 of 5

The Cards of the Dead and the Shadows

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

To order a mass for tomorrow.

Haven’t you seen Elias?

I don’t know him, sir, answered Lucas.

I didn’t ask you if you know him, you fool! Neither do we know him.  I’m asking you if you’ve seen him.

No, sir.

Listen, I’ll describe him: Height, sometimes tall, sometimes medium; hair and eyes, black; all the other features, ordinary, recited the Visayan. Now do you know him?

No, sir, replied Lucas stupidly.

Then get away from here! Brute! Dolt! And they gave him a shove.

Do you know why Elias is tall to the alferez and of medium height to the curate? asked the Tagalog thoughtfully.

No, answered the Visayan.

Because the alferez was down in the mudhole when he saw him and the curate was on foot.

That’s right! exclaimed the Visayan.  You’re talented—blow is it that you’re a civil-guard?

I wasn’t always one; I was a smuggler, answered the Tagalog with a touch of pride.

But another shadowy figure diverted their attention.  They challenged this one also and took the man to the light.

This time it was the real Elias.

Where you going?

To look for a man, sir, who beat and threatened my brother.  He has a scar on his face and is called Elias.

Aha! exclaimed the two guards, gazing at each other in astonishment, as they started on the run toward the church, where Lucas had disappeared a few moments before.

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