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A Star in a Dark Night

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Silence had now blown its hollow breath over the city, and all things seemed to sleep in the embrace of nothingness.  The cock-crow alternated with the strokes of the clocks in the church towers and the mournful cries of the weary sentinels.  A waning moon began to appear, and everything seemed to be at rest; even Ibarra himself, worn out by his sad thoughts or by his journey, now slept.

Only the young Franciscan whom we saw not so long ago standing motionless and silent in the midst of the gaiety of the ballroom slept not, but kept vigil.  In his cell, with his elbow upon the window sill and his pale, worn cheek resting on the palm of his hand, he was gazing silently into the distance where a bright star glittered in the dark sky.  The star paled and disappeared, the dim light of the waning moon faded, but the friar did not move from his place—he was gazing out over the field of Bagumbayan and the sleeping sea at the far horizon wrapped in the morning mist.

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