Chapter 49: - Page 9 of 9

The Voice of the Hunted

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Yes, my friend, I know that you suffer, that you are unfortunate, and that those facts make you look into the future darkly and influence your way of thinking, so I am somewhat forearmed against your complaints.  If I could understand your motives, something of your past—

My misfortunes had another source.  If I thought that the story of them would be of any use, I would relate it to you, since, apart from the fact that I make no secret of it, it is quite well known to many.

Perhaps on hearing it I might correct my opinions.  You know that I do not trust much to theories, preferring rather to be guided by facts.

Elias remained thoughtful for a few moments.  If that is the case, sir, I will tell you my story briefly.

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nasirang amá