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The Enigma

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Among the laborers Ibarra caught sight of Elias, who, as he saluted him along with the others, gave him to understand by a look that he had something to say to him.

Ñor Juan, said Ibarra, will you bring me your list of the laborers?

Ñor Juan disappeared, and Ibarra approached Elias, who was by himself, lifting a heavy stone into a cart.

If you can grant me a few hours’ conversation, sir, walk down to the shore of the lake this evening and get into my banka.  The youth nodded, and Elias moved away.

Ñor Juan now brought the list, but Ibarra scanned it in vain; the name of Elias did not appear on it!

Learn this Filipino word:

alóg na ang babà