Chapter 44: - Page 6 of 6

An Examination of Conscience

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

We do not know what occurred during the confession that night and we respect such secrets. But the confession was a long one and the aunt, who stood watch over her niece at a distance, could note that the curate, instead of turning his ear to hear the words of the sick girl, rather had his face turned toward hers, and seemed only to be trying to read, or divine, her thoughts by gazing into her beautiful eyes.

Pale and with contracted lips Padre Salvi left the chamber. Looking at his forehead, which was gloomy and covered with perspiration, one would have said that it was he who had confessed and had not obtained absolution.

Jesús, María, y José! exclaimed Aunt Isabel, crossing herself to dispel an evil thought, who understands the girls nowadays?

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