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(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Ah, Padre, tell me for the love of God what I ought to do. The padre has always given good advice.

Who told you so? You don’t belong in these parts.

The padre is known all over the province.

With irritated looks Padre Salvi approached him and pointing to the street said to the now startled Lucas, Go home and be thankful that Don Crisostomo didn’t have you sent to jail! Get out of here!

Lucas forgot the part he was playing and murmured, But I thought—

Get out of here! cried Padre Salvi nervously.

I would like to see Padre Damaso.

Padre Damaso is busy. Get out of here! again ordered the curate imperiously.

Lucas went down the stairway muttering, He’s another of them—as he doesn’t pay well—the one who pays best!

At the sound of the curate’s voice all had hurried to the spot, including Padre Damaso, Capitan Tiago, and Linares.

An insolent vagabond who came to beg and who doesn’t want to work, explained Padre Salvi, picking up his hat and cane to return to the convento. 

Learn this Filipino word:

pinápandáy ang isip