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The Espadañas

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

De Espadaña felt her pulse, examined her tongue, asked a few questions, and said, as he wagged his head from side to side, S-she’s s-sick, but s-she c-can be c-cured. Doña Victorina looked proudly at the bystanders.

Lichen with milk in the morning, syrup of marshmallow, two cynoglossum pills! ordered De Espadaña.

Cheer up, Clarita! said Doña Victorina, going up to her. We’ve come to cure you. I want to introduce our cousin.

Linares was so absorbed in the contemplation of those eloquent eyes, which seemed to be searching for some one, that he did not hear Doña Victorina name him.

Señor Linares, said the curate, calling him out of his abstraction, here comes Padre Damaso.

It was indeed Padre Damaso, but pale and rather sad. On leaving his bed his first visit was for Maria Clara. Nor was it the Padre Damaso of former times, hearty and self-confident; now he moved silently and with some hesitation.


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