Chapter 22: - Page 3 of 3

Lights and Shadows

(English version of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Who are you? asked Ibarra.

Sir, you don’t know my name, answered the unknown, but I’ve been waiting for you two days.

For what purpose?

Because nowhere has any pity been shown me and they say that I’m an outlaw, sir.  But I’ve lost my two sons, my wife is insane, and every one says that I deserve what has happened to me.

Ibarra looked at the man critically as he asked, What do you want now?

To beg for your pity upon my wife and sons.

I can’t stop now, replied Ibarra.  If you wish to come, you can tell me as we go along what has happened to you.

The man thanked him, and the two quickly disappeared in the shadows along the dimly lighted street.

Learn this Filipino word:

nagdildíl ng asín