The Little Bamboo and Raguini

(Plant Fable)

Many years ago old people said that plants and animals could talk.

One day a little vine called Raguini came crying to a little bamboo, and said, Will you help me to stand, little bamboo?

The little bamboo answered that he could help her, but he was very much ashamed of her because before, when he was young, he had very fine hairy dress; now he had none.  Besides he was growing tall and small.

Well, said the vine, if you are kind to help me I shall promise you to cover your body with my leaves and flowers as your dress.

The little bamboo was very glad to hear him and to help him.  The little vine began climbing and covering him with her leaves and flowers.  So both of them were happy.

Lesson: The story illustrates the beauty of mutual help.  Kindness is rewarded.

Learn this Filipino word:

matalas ang ulo