The Camanchile and the Passion

(Plant Fable)

Once upon a time there grew in a forest a large camanchile tree with spreading branches.  Near this tree grew many other trees with beautiful fragrant flowers that attracted travellers.  The camanchile had no fragrant flowers; but still its crown was beautifully shaped, for the leaves received as much light as the leaves of the other trees.  But the beauty of the crown proved of no attraction to travellers, and they passed the tree by.

One day Camanchile exclaimed aloud, Oh what a dreary life I lead! I wish that I had flowers like the others, so that travellers would visit me often.  A vine by the name of Passion, which grew nearby, heard Camanchile's exclamation.  Now this vine grew fairly close to the ground, and consequently received only a small amount of light.  Thinking that this was his opportunity to improve its condition, it said, Camanchile, why is your life dreary?

Ah, Passion! replied Camanchile, just imagine that you were unappreciated, as I am! Travellers never visit me for I have no flowers.

Oh, that's easy! said Passion.  Just let me climb on you, and I'll display on your crown my beautiful flowers.  Then many persons will come to see you.  Camanchile consented, and let Passion climb up on him.  After a few days Passion reached the top of the tree, and soon covered the crown.

A few months later Camanchile realized that he was being smothered: he could not get light, so he asked Passion to leave him.  O Passion! What pain I am in!  I can't get light.  Your beauty is of no value.  I am being smothered: So leave me, I beg you!

Passion would not leave Camanchile, however, and so Camanchile died.

Lesson: Be yourself. This story effectively points out the dangers of vanity and envy.

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