The Crocodile and the Peahen

(Animal Fable)

Once there lived a young crocodile on the bank of the Pasig River.  He was so fierce and so greedy that no animal dared to approach him.  One day while he was resting on a rock, he thought of getting married.  He said aloud, I will give all that I have for a wife.  As he pronounced these words, a coquettish peahen passed near him.  That naughty crocodile expressed his wish again.  The coquette listened carefully, and began to examine the crocodile's looks.

She said to herself, I will marry this crocodile.  He is very rich.  Oh my!  If I could only have all those pearls and diamonds, I should be the happiest wife in the world.  She then alighted on the rock where the crocodile was, who made his offer again with extreme politeness, as a hypocrite always does.  She thought that the big eyes of the crocodile were two beautiful diamonds and that the rough skin was made of pearls, so she accepted the proposal.  The crocodile asked the peahen to sit on his mouth, that she might not spoil her beautiful feathers with mud.  The foolish bird did as she was told.  What do you think happened?  He made a good dinner of his new wife.

Lesson: Be attracted by quality rather than wealth.

See also the Tagalog version (Ang Buwaya at ang Pábareál) of this Philippine fable.

Learn this Filipino word:

batakin ang katawan