Horse and Carabao

(Animal Fable)

Horse to carabao: Don't you envy me? You work most of the time, live in this fly-infested dirty corral, and get only hay.  I am used little, get grass and have a clean stable.  Why don't you growl and snap at our master tomorrow so he won't hitch you to the plow?

Done; but master goes to horse and makes it do the day's work.  That evening horse again speaks to carabao: You know, master was very angry with you and threatened to kill you.  You'd better go to the plow yourself tomorrow and show you've repented and are willing to work.

Done: and horse has learned his lesson; and thereafter does not interfere with carabao's business.

Lesson: Don't make a fool of others.

Learn this Filipino word:

nasa loób ang kulô