The Characters

(The Summary of “El Filibusterismo”)

Crisóstomo Ibarra reincarnated as a wealthy jeweler, bent on starting a revolution
Sisa's son, now an aspiring doctor
poet and Basilio's best friend; portrayed as emotional and reactive; Paulita Gómez' boyfriend before being dumped for fellow student Juanito Peláez
Kabesang Tales
Telesforo Juan de Dios, a former cabeza de barangay (barangay head) who resurfaced as the feared Luzón bandit Matanglawin (Tagalog for Hawkeye); his father, Old Man Selo, dies eventually after his own son Tano, who became a guardia civil, unknowingly shoots his grandfather in an encounter
Don Custodio
Custodio de Salazar y Sánchez de Monteredondo, a famous journalist who was asked by the students about his decision for the Academia de Castellano. In reality, he is quite an ordinary fellow who married a rich woman in order to be a member of Manila's high society
Paulita Gómez
the girlfriend of Isagani and the niece of Doña Victorina, the old India who passes herself off as a Peninsular, who is the wife of the quack doctor Tiburcio de Espadaña. In the end, she and Juanito Peláez are wed, and she dumps Isagani, believing that she will have no future if she marries him
Father Florentino
Isagani's godfather, and a secular priest; was engaged to be married, but chose the priesthood instead, the story hinting at the ambivalence of his decision as he chooses an assignment to a remote place, living in solitude near the sea.
Juliana de Dios, the girlfriend of Basilio, and the youngest daughter of Kabesang Tales
Ben Zayb
Abraham Ibañez is his real name. He is a journalist who thinks he is the only one thinking in the Philippines
Placido Penitente
a student of the University of Santo Tomas who is always miserable, and therefore controls his temper
a Chinese businessman who dreamt of being a consul of a Consulate of China in the Philippines. He hid Simoun's weapons inside his house
Old Man Selo
father of Kabesang Tales. He raised the sick and young Basilio after his mother Sisa had died
Father Fernandez
the priest-friend of Isagani. He promised to Isagani that he and the other priests will give in to the students' demands
Attorney Pasta
one of the great lawyers of mid-Hispanic Manila
(no specific name) the powerful highest official of the Philippines
Padre Sibyla
Hernando de la Sibyla, a Filipino friar and now vice-rector of the University of Santo Tomas (U.S.T.)

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